True Physical Ownership

100% allocated and segregated in your name only, with 3rd party vaulting and insurance

Total control of your whole bars and coins. No fractional nonsense.

Custody certificates designate you as sole owner and serve as warehouse receipts.

Available full segregated storage for institutional-level security.

Fully Integrated & Easy to Use

Buy, sell, transfer, or take delivery, 24 hours a day - all with a few clicks

Sign in and invest just like with a brokerage account, from any device.

Monitor your portfolio in real-time, online.

No separate vault account, no shipping to coordinate on buy or sell. We transact everything with the vault, automatically.

Low, Transparent Pricing

100% allocated and segregated in your name only, with 3rd party vaulting and insurance

No commitment. Pay only when you store with us.

Sell or take delivery at anytime; just pay regular shipping.

No fine print; just your bullion; stored until you need it.

Your Metals Are Protected by Names You Can Trust

GoldSilver Vault Storage gives you all the advantages of owning physical precious metals with the convenience of being a click away. Sign in, buy bars and coins, and they’re held in your name in a guarded, private vault. Managing your metals online is easy. You can transfer, sell, or take delivery of your metals any time.

US and overseas vault options, all outside the banking system

Class 3 vaults with 24/7 surveillance and armed guards

Fully insured with regular, independent audits



Open an Account

  • Try or stop any time; no long-term commitment required
  • Hundreds of bullion products to own and hold
  • Fast sellbacks and unlimited transactions

Take Direct Ownership of Physical Bullion

  • Total control of whole bars and coins
  • Custody certificates designate you as sole owner
  • Buy, sell, transfer, or take delivery

100% Wholly Owned Metals

Choose from individual, joint, trust, or LLC accounts.

You’ll receive custody certificates documenting your holdings so even if the unexpected happens, you have a hard copy proof of ownership. Plus, our US-based operations and support team are here to help.

Manage Your Metals Online

Sign in and invest, like in a brokerage account, from any device

Transactions and requests process rapidly

Monitor your portfolioin real-time

24/7 Access

All transactions are easily handled through our website on your schedule.

Buy whenever you want, transfer to a different vault, sell and quickly convert your metals to cash, or request home delivery. There are no hoops to jump through, just your metals where you want them and when you need them.

Of course, we’re happy to help you over the phone at 888-319-8166 during regular business hours too.

How It Works

(Hint: Simple)


Easy Access: Purchase Online or Over the Phone

Buy online: all of our bullion products are eligible for storage.* Just select vault storage at checkout and pick a location. It's that easy to get started.

Or give us a call: one of our agents will help to place your order over the phone.

You can purchase with a check, bank wire, credit or debit card. PayPal, Bitcoin… or deposit a balance with us for quick trading when you are ready.


100% Allocated Metal, Deposited and Securely Stored in Your Name

What you buy is what you store. As soon as you order a whole bar or coin, the physical metals are purchased and immediately shipped to the vault for storage in your name, including individual, joint, trust, or LLC/corporation title if needed.

Download a custody certificate documenting your holdings at any time, so even if the unexpected happens you have hard-copy proof of ownership to claim your metals from the vault or agent.

Our US-based operations and customer support team are here to help you if you need it.


Sell or Take Delivery, Without Delay

Because your metals are always in the vault, you can place an order to sell or transfer them - to your home, another vault, or virtually anywhere in the world - with zero hassle. Your metals, where you want them, when you need them.

Sell easily, for the best price:

Every product you own in storage is also available to sell with just a few clicks or a call. We bid out every transaction, buy or sell, to a network of wholesale dealers, mints, and refineries to find the best price for you in real time. If you find a better buyback price elsewhere, we'll match it. Proceeds available via check, wire, or simply deposit them back into your account for when you're ready to buy back in.

Delivery at the ready:

Your bars and coins are ready to ship at all times. There are no 'fabrication' fees, and because we store metals right when you order there's no liquidity risk or delays if you withdraw during a peak period. Your metals will always be waiting for you. Just tell us where to send them (and pay standard shipping costs).

Pricing Options

See Pricing details

One Low, Flat Rate

  • Straightforward monthly rate, with no fine print
  • Pay only for as long as you store your metals with us
  • Keep or cancel anytime, like a subscription to Netflix

When you use GoldSilver private vault storage, all you pay is one simple monthly fee based on the size and value of your assets. This covers everything: security by the best in the business, delivery of metals around the world, full insurance coverage, independent audits, and online management. No withdrawal fees, no fine print.

If you request home delivery of your metals, you only pay normal shipping and handling. That’s it.

Easy and Flexible

  • Try or stop any time; no long-term commitment required
  • Hundreds of bullion products to own and hold
  • Fast sellbacks and unlimited transactions

Our private vault storage makes it as easy as possible for you to accumulate and hold physical precious metals. And just as easy to stop by taking possession or selling them if you need to.

Try it out. There are no contracts or terms of any kind. And if you’re not happy for any reason, we’ll ship you your metals.

Just log into your account and request home delivery. It’s that easy.

You can also sell metals or liquidate your entire account for cash if you choose, a handy option under the right market conditions.

Allocated Storage Fee

0.06% of asset value per month
($4 minimum)

Contact Us

Or call (888) 319-8166

Open a GoldSilver Private Vault Storage Account

All transactions are easily handled through our website and on your schedule, or via phone with one of our US-based agents.

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Secure Vault Locations Available Around the World

Vault-to-vault transfers give you the flexibility to securely move your metals around the world whenever you like. When you diversify internationally, you get the same low rate, great service, and online convenience.

Every ounce you store is insured for market replacement value. Verified audits are performed by leading independent commodities inspectors.

All vaults are outside of the banking system and managed by the best names in security.

GoldSilver only uses Class 3 vaults, the highest rating in the industry. A Class 3 vault is so strong it can endure 120 continuous minutes of torch or tool attack. That’s a lifetime when you consider armed guards, video monitoring, and alarm systems are also in place.

Compared to the cost of storing metals at home, GoldSilver Vault Storage is a bargain. Homeowners insurance typically costs 2% of metal value, and may not cover full replacement value when prices rise (and some policies may only cover face value of coins). Plus, store-at-home investors may need a large, heavy safe and an expensive alarm system to protect their assets.

Private vault storage is simply the easiest and most secure way to invest in physical precious metals.