Realtime Pricing

Start a sellback, browse products for instant pricing, and add to your order. Sell from:

  • Metals stored at home or in safe deposit boxes.
  • Shipped from private vault storage, IRAs with third-party custodians, elsewhere.
  • Your private GoldSilver Vault Storage account.

No account required.

Sell From Home or Storage

If mailing your metals from home or elsewhere, just:

  • Box up your metals according to our simple instructions.
  • Arrange shipping with UPS, FedEx, or USPS.
  • Drop your package off with the carrier within 2 business days, or have them pick it up.

Sales from Vault Storage are even simpler. Point, click, sell.

Get Paid, Your Way

Whether from you're selling from home or vault storage, you can deposit your funds to your account for future purchases. Or have us send a check, wire, or eCheck/ACH.

Shipped metals are verified by our vaults, typically within 1-3 business days of arrival.

Sales from storage are confirmed, and proceeds are available for new trades, almost immediately.

It's That Easy

The Most Trusted Name in Gold & Silver

You can depend on GoldSilver for the most convenient and secure way to sell your precious metals. We are one of the country's largest and most-trusted metals brokers, and broker thousands of customer sales each year.

Realtime Pricing, No Account Required

To find out our current buy price on almost any of our products, simply head over to start a sellback. As you add items to your cart, prices will update in realtime with the spot price of precious metals, just like when you are looking to purchase.

When you've got your sale together, head over to checkout where your price will be held while you finalize payment and lock it in for good.

Easy Liquidity

With your secure vault storage account, selling is even easier. Need a few fiat dollars in your pocket? Just add some of the items from your storage account to your sales order - as little as one coin at a time - and instantly lockin your price. That's it.

Vault storage customers enjoy the security of having their metals secured by the most trusted names in private security; completely covered by top-rated third-party insurers; and conveniently available for delivery or instant sales thanks to our network of buyers.

Funds from vault storage trades are available for making new trades almost immediately. If you need to withdraw make a withdrawal, trades typically clear fully in 1-2 business days and can be wired or mailed as a paper check.

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