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$1,654.46  $33.41 (97.6%)

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Palladium Spot Price (Intraday - USD)

Palladium Spot Price Real-Time Price Change
Platinum Price Per Oz $412.65 $57.47 (33.4%)
Platinum Price Per Gram $61.27 $61.16 (47.1%)
Platinum Price Per Kilo $1,687.88 $57.27 (9.8%)

Updated Sat, Jun 25, 2022 4:57 PM

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Palladium Price Guide

Palladium is a precious metal because it occurs rarely in the earth’s crust.

Palladium trades daily on most major exchanges around the world. It has a “spot” price like other precious metals, which represents one ounce of unfabricated metal.

Like platinum, palladium (Pd) is part of the Platinum Group Metals (PGMs), and is silvery in color. Palladium has the lowest melting point and is the least dense metal of this group. For this reason, it has wider industrial use than platinum, though its highest use is also in catalytic converters.

Investor interest in palladium is strong due to high industrial demand and its limited supply sources.