Since 2005, GoldSilver has been educating investors as to the underlying forces driving markets around the world, and why precious metals are critical to building stronger investment portfolios and protecting wealth.

Founded by Mike Maloney, world-renowned economic advisor, author, and speaker, GoldSilver provides market analysis and industry insights to help inform investors to make better financial futures.

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Why Buy Gold & Silver?

Precious metals like gold and silver have withstood the test of time as a dependable store of value, and as a hedge against market and currency volatility. They are an important asset for all investors to consider, as for over 5,000 years, gold and silver have maintained purchasing power through times of economic uncertainty, big and small. Now more than ever, gold and silver can serve an important role in protecting your assets.

Top Ten Reasons to Own Gold and Silver

Our founder, Mike Maloney, discusses the top 10 reasons he owns gold and silver.

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Time and time again, financial bubbles and government debt have distorted the value of investments, such as stocks and bonds and real estate in local currencies. When these investments fall, especially during large-scale economic downturns, gold and silver have historically retained and even gained value. Even in ideal economic conditions, precious metals are important insurance in a well-diversified portfolio.

But getting started, or maximizing the value you get from your investment, isn’t always clear cut. To make that easier, we’ve curated this list of our top resources, which should answer all your questions.

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Hidden Secrets of Money

Our educational video series– The Hidden Secrets of Money– has garnered millions of views and hundreds of thousands of raving fans. HSOM explores trends in modern and ancient economics and spotlights fraud and poor practices in today’s economic environments, covering everything from government sanctioned fiat currency to free market cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.