GoldSilver has been serving precious metals investors since 2005.

Over that time, we’ve sold investors billions of dollars in precious metals, making us one of the world's leading precious metals dealers.

The company has always aimed to innovate. We were among the first to offer online self-service sales, integrated vault storage, and a full two way market.

In 2016, GoldSilver became part of the Gold Bullion International storage network, further enhancing the security and liquidity of our customers’ storage holdings.

Together, investors trust us with over $1 billion in assets, held in bailment for them with the world’s most secure vault providers.

GoldSilver’s trailblazing allocated and segregated storage offerings set the standard for balance between security of out-of-financial-system assets, including third-party vaulting, insurance, and auditing; and convenience and liquidity which comes from our private marketplace of wholesalers, refiners, and mints that allow us to guarantee the best price every time.

And we continue that tradition of innovation to this day: For example, we were among the first dealers to accept payment in cryptocurrency. Lots more exciting features are still to come too.

If you haven’t already joined the GoldSilver family of customers, get in touch today to open an account and starting investing. Our customer service team is here to help.

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Vision, Purpose, Mission

To transform economic storms into opportunity and prosperity for all who will listen.

Our customers expect us to:

  • Look out for their best interests
  • Inform them on the economy and the markets
  • Do our best to deliver on time
  • Keep their precious metals safe
  • Keep their personal and financial information confidential
  • Be available to them
  • Help solve any problems related to their transactions
  • Never betray their trust

Our customers expect our ethics to be beyond reproach.